Saturday, 9 June 2012

WTH is PONDS!!!!

Hi all,big
So today's blog is a bit of a rant about a serious pet peeve...People calling foundation and pressed powder Ponds!!! What is that? Where did that come from?? Can anyone tell me? Anyway decided to do some research on the origins of Pond's cause I've never seen this brand on make-up just on skincare creams.

So after asking the great oracle (Google) I found out that there was a Ponds Face Powder made by the Pond's Extract Company. This powder was available since early 1900's in a loose talcum state and was to be worn over the Ponds cold cream. In the 1930's they had a loose powder in different shades then in the 1940's they had a pressed powder that came to be known as the Angel face powder. Now this came in the following shades white, flesh, dusk rose, brunette, mocha among other colours.

So me thinks that this powder was available here back in the day and people started to refer to all pressed powder and foundation as Pond's??
What do y'all think?
Let me know....

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