Monday, 11 June 2012

Grooming Eyebrows

I absolutely love to do my eyebrows.  In my daily makeup routine, my eyebrows are the first thing that I work on.  As you’ve probably heard a million times, a nicely groomed eyebrow can really frame your face.  If you wanna see how to get well groomed brows, continue reading.

1.)   Use a spoolie brush to groom eyebrows.  2.)  Using an angle brush, apply brown pencil underneath the brow to shape. A little goes a long way!    3.)  Do the same to the upper part of the brow and fill in any gaps as needed.  4.)  Using short strokes, brushing in one direction only,  brush the brow powder or pencil through your brows using the spoolie.  5.)  Using a small concealer brush apply concealer directly under the brow to give the brows some pop.  6.)  Trace under the entire brow.  7.)  Blend by pulling the concealer down into the lid. Continue to blend until you can see no rough edges.  8.) Voila! Your finished brow!

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