Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hair Update

Hey all,
So Thursday is usually hair wash day..dunno why Thursday just seemed a good day to do my hair. Anywho decided to do a henna gloss, shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. Will post my wash day routine soon.
After wards I tried to do finger coils and here are the pics of the outcome..Finger coils is just using my finger to coil my hair then when hair dries you separate the coils making a finger coil out...

I kept this style till Sunday night when I co-washed with Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner then applied Dax Roots Olive cream as my leave-in and sealed with Extra Virgin Coconut oil. I then let my hair air dry till it was about 80% dry then I did some matutas about ten of them and slept with my satin bonnet.
In the morning I undid the matutas and the outcome was

Anywho today decided to go into protective styling so had some lines done and here are the pics...must say I love them..hope I can keep them for at least a week.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog.
Be blessed!!!


  1. I absolutely love the curl pattern as well as curl definition after the henna treatment and finger coils!! Your hair looks healthy, shiny and well moisturized... I LOVE IT!!!! thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the love Wanja it means a lot ! I really loved this recipe will definitely share it soon.Keep it locked!

    2. You are most welcome :) I will definitely keep locked. P.S. I'm stealing your protective style it's sooo cute! lol

    3. LOL! You most certainly can..