Sunday, 28 October 2012

DIY nail art

Hey all,
For those of who know me well y'all know I looooooooove YouTube and watch just about anything :) So when I came across a few videos on nail art I decided why not give it a try especially since my nail lady has been uninspired of late..So armed with cheapie nail polish and energy to try new stuff out here is what I came up with....
My attempt at water marbling technique..epic fail but still kinda cool :)

Zebra love this will definitely do this again with different colours

My attempt at Ombre or Gradient nails..will try again with diffferent colours

I was undecided about what design so just experimented and rocked all the designs

I am loving this DIY state I am in and will keep having fun with it..
Be blessed y'all

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Princess Hair Diaries

The style of the week

My happy princess :)

Hey all,
I had said in a previous post that I had started doing my daughters hair. I decided to give de-tangling her hair another go and after watching some Girls Love Your Curls Videos  I felt confident that we would have no drama.
De-tangling with conditioner
So here's what I did... I spritzed her hair with a mixture of conditioner and water and then added the Kids Organics shea butter de-tangling and moisturising hair lotion..then I undid the lines and braids..I then parted the hair in four sections. Starting section by section I further parted the hair into smaller sections added Miadi cream conditioner I then de-tangled her hair with a wide toothed comb. It was so easy to de-tangle and she even said "Mum its not ouchie today"..WOOHOO!! music to my ears.
I then applied olive oil to the hair and mixed with the conditioner I covered her hair with a plastic cap for 2 hours. I then plaited it into four loose matutas and shampooed her hair I then conditioned it run the comb and still found it de-tangled . I rinsed the conditioner out and added leave in (my home made mix) sealed with coconut oil and proceeded to do a protective style with the African threading..felt like SUPERMOM!!!
After the de-tangling, shampooing and conditioning

African threading..the first one was not a winner got better though :)

I will try to redo the hair during the week or just wait till the weekend
Will show you picks of how stretched her will be after the threads are out..
Be blessed y'all

Monday, 22 October 2012

Faith and Patience..

Hey all,
So sorry for the silence work has kept me busy and I've been travelling as well.
So I had to go to Malindi for a shoot and I had to do a protective style as I had to be there for a week and I don't do braids, could not do the crochet braids as there was no time.So in the end I did about 6 lines that started to unravel the day after I had them done..smh..
Anywho I was like no body really knows me at the coast so I can rock the unkempt cornrows for a week. But my inner natural diva was having none of that looking raggedy business and after consulting the new fantastic and resourceful page on Facebook Tricia's naturals I decided to remove the lines and just rock my hair. I was told to smoother on loads of conditioner and hit the beach and swim to my hearts content. I was so worried that the salt water of the ocean and the showers was going to decimate my hair on contact but found out that my hair is resilient and after swimming and co-washing, then doing an ACV rinse I put aloe vera gel sealed with coconut oil and twisted up for 2 days when i untwisted my hair it was soft and very defined. This made me realise that I have not had faith in my hair and my efforts at maintaining a healthy hair regime. I keep obsessing with stands that fall off, tangles and knots and don't see that my hair has grown in leaps and bounds and that I am actually treating my hair very well and in so doing my healthy hair journey is well on its way. Have faith people in yourselves and in your ability to start and maintain a healthy hair regimen. from now on I will have faith in myself and my hair .I just need to cultivate patience in all that I am doing today and know it will yield strong healthy hair in the near future.
Keep the faith y'all and have loads of patience :)
Be blessed

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pony tails and Buns...

Hey all,
So I said in my last post that I was experimenting with new ways of protective styling..well this is what I came up with so far..
I bought this ponytail by Free-tress called Tendril curl from Beauty Wholesale Mama Ngina street for 900/= in the colour no. 2
I separated the curls to make them look more full and curls sorta look like this when they are very defined..
I did not straighten my hair with heat I just plaited my hair in 4 matutas then banded them and opened them the next day..I did this to stretch my hair so as to achieve the ponytail.  This is my hair banded..
 My pontail look...

I also got this faux bun idea from You tube and tried it with some left over hot water braid. I twisted the braid and pinned it around my ponytail.. super easy and very quick...

So there you have it  my take on protective my lovelies have fun with your hair (these styles can also be done on relaxed hair) 
Be blessed y'all

Friday, 5 October 2012

Princess hair

Hey all,
So I started to do my daughter's hair and I'm so loving it and so proud of myself!! I figured that if I was starting a healthy hair journey then I should do the same with he hair which was heat damaged from straightening with a blow dryer since she was 10 mths(smh I know). I started by telling her hairdresser to only dry her hair and not nyorosha it as she's always in lines or braids.She swims a lot too so he hair gets dry and tangled.

Anywho I started a regime for her which goes as follows..I spray Soft n Free olive oil de tangling spray and also add some olive oil. This makes it easier to undo the lines or braids..then I shampoo and de tangle with whatever I use myself (Hollywood Beauty Argan oil Shampoo and Alberto Balsam strawberries and cream)..after which I deep condition with ORS Replenishing Conditioner then wash it out and a leave in ( Africa's Best Kids' Organics Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion) and seal with olive oil. I then add a heat protectant (Tress Transitions blow drying lotion) and start to blowdry her hair..remember to do this in sections or else you'll have a tangled mess I learnt the hard way :)...She loves her hair straight and big and I'm getting her to instead embrace curly hair...its kinda working ..last weekend my sister plaited her kamatana you guys remember those?? matutas joined together?? I removed them a few days later and this was the look she rocked and loved it cause her hair was curly like mummy!!

I'm falling back in love with my hair

Hey all,
So me and my hair made up and we are back to being the best of friends.. My hair is better moisturised and I'm experiencing less breakage and shedding.
You asking how this happened well I went back and checked my regimen and the products I was using and decided to research and change things up.
The two major things I was battling with very dry hair and breakage
So I checked my moisturising routine and products... I used to use Hello Hydration conditioner and Suave Coconut conditioner but the two are now out of stock everywhere so I started using Alberto Balsam Strawberries and cream conditioner (smells so yum) and it is working great when de-tangling. I also started to de-tangle and wash in sections which has helped greatly as I don't snag my hair as much so less breakage. My leave in conditioner I realised was the problem and I was not using a good one. I started to look for one and I found one at Tusky's  that I believe is working quite well. Africa's Best Kids' Organics De-tangling Hair Lotion.
product image

 I had once bought this for my daughter's hair and didn't give it another thought but I started to use it and wow my hair is soft and the curls really pop. The reviews say that it :
Allows for easy, tangle free combing while restoring a healthy moisture balance. Formulated with Shea butter for extra shine and softening. Deep penetrating and helps to prevent breakage. Gentle enough for daily use and is an excellent therapy for all hair types.
Contains no petrolatum or mineral oil
Enriched with extra virgin olive oil
I loved the fact this moisturiser had ingredients I liked so that's a plus..I use this as a leave-in after a  co-wash and de tangling session and as a daily moisturiser  I then seal it in with Castor Oil..looove me some castor oil its thick but my hair loves it..
The other new thing I ma trying is protective styling .I have always heard that this is a great way to keep hair healthy and a way to retain growth..but I don't like braids and lines don't last even a week on my fine I decided to research on others way to not manipulate my hair so much..I decided to start bunning with a ponytail hair extension. I found one fro Beauty Wholesale on mama Ngina street a Freetress tendril curl ponytail that looks kinda like my hair after a wash n go.. I have also been experimenting with up-dos as this tucks in my ends and will attempt to crochet braid soon...

All in all we are in a good place me and my hair and hope we'll continue this way..
How is your relationship with your hair??
be blessed y'all