Monday, 4 June 2012

Me and My Natural hair

Hey beautiful people,

So I chopped of my hair in 2009 because I was just tired of dealing with my relaxed hair and I didn't like weaving and braiding. I've always known I had curly soft hair so i kinda knew it wouldn't be so bad to have shot hair. so i went really short and my daughter kept saying she didn't like it cause i looked like a boy. At the time I didn't have a clue about how to take care of it and pretty much left it alone. In 2011 I coloured it a brownish blonde colour at home and thought i looked quit cool but after awhile i just felt it made me looked washed out so i went back to black.

After a giving birth to my second child my son Chuki I felt that my hair was so dry and despite the haircuts I felt my curls were just not there anymore. My darling sister Wambui who by the way also big chopped all her hair and is happily enjoying her on the scalp short do. She started to research on natural hair care and she started telling me to take a look at what it entailed. Needless to say after searching through cyber space and discovering my fave blogs like Kurly Kichana, CurlyNikki, and The MopTop Maven, and countless YouTubers I have decided to document my natural hair journey for those who might have the same hair as mine or might just want to be natural...So keep it her for natural hair care


  1. Love it. Please share the natural hair tips. I need them badly. I end up always hiding my hair in a weave or braids because maintaining it is hard work. Cant wait.

  2. Thanks!! I love your blog too so inspiring!