Sunday, 30 December 2012

Straight Crochet Braids

Hey y'all,
So decided to install the crochet braids again but this time I used straight Kanekalon syntheitc braids. I used a packet of Sleek City Girl Smooth Operator 20/16 in color 2 and for some colour I used Darling Xpressions braid in no 4. The sleek braid was about 600/- and the Darling about 250/-..
The braid pattern i used was 15 lines all the way to the back and one line across at the back so I can tie a ponytail with the braids..because of the straight hair I tied knots after looping the braid on.I actually wanted to curl them with straws but my sister and braider said I should keep them straight for a couple of days then curl here are the results..not bad but I like curly hair better than straight so will curl them asap

New products, regimen and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hey ya'll,
Pole for the silence but the holidays took over and I just haven't had the time. so from my last post I had on crochet braids which I kept on for 3 1/2 weeks. I washed them once and moisturised my scalp and hair every couple of days. I DC'd after the removal and was so happy at the length I retained..this will definately be my go to style for Protective styling
New products update
Cowash- Alberto Balsam strawberries and cream

Prepoo oils- EVCO, EVOO, avocado oil and castor oil
Prepoo condish- Lory's silicone treatment

Shampoo- African Black soap
DC' treatment- ORS Replenshing Pak, mixes from my kitchen
Henna gloss once every month- Nupur henna ,conditioner and EVOO

Leave in conditioner- Giovanni's Direct leave in

Styler- Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Sealing oil- Jamaican Black castor oil, my shea butter mix(has shea butter, cocoa butter, EVOO,EVCO)

I purchased the curl enhancing smoothie, Giovanni and JBCO from which is a natural hair care product website run by a Kenyan natural Faith Fischer who is based in Germany but can ship to Kenya.
Regimen change -
I recently learnt that my hair has low porosity and so I have to find a way to make sure that I maintain the right amount of moisture levels in my hair. Here are tips on caring for low porosity natural hair
Low porosity hair tends to be very shiny, initially repels water rather readily absorbing it, has flat cuticles and is difficult to chemically process. Basically this means it is difficult for anything to penetrate the hair shaft. On the flip side it is also difficult for anything to leave the shaft. To find out about the porosity of your hair check out this video

New regimen tips for low porosity hair :
For regular conditioning rinse hair with warm water first to open the cuticle and then apply conditioner. Leave on hair for about five minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

For deep conditioning, apply deep conditioner (DC) generously to hair. Next cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under a warm dryer for 30-minutes or wrap a warm towel around your head for 45-minutes. The heat will help the conditioner penetrate the hair shaft. Rinse hair with lukewarm water.
Use protein packs sparingly and only if noticing like excessive breakage or dryness from heat damage. When low porosity hair is healthy, added protein will lay on hair making it dull-looking, dry and feel straw-like.

On wash day use a leave-in conditioner or use a light conditioner that has slip to it as your leave-in. Use very little of the conditioner on hair while it is still wet. I will need to smooth the conditioner through hair, gently squeezing hair to remove excess conditioner. Then apply an oil, anti-frizz serum or hair gel to seal while hair is still wet.
When using styling products I need to use a light hand with them. If you use too much product on hair it can leave a white residue on it or make hair feel dry because it will build up on the hair.

So armed with this info I will adjust some steps in my  regimen and hopefully my hair will thank me for's to happier hair in 2013. Thank you to all my subscribers and for all of you that have checked out my blog..I feel so blessed..

Kurls & Kocktails Meetup pics

Hey y'all,
So it went down at the Sierra Bistro at Yaya center on the 15th December 2012.. organised by the Kurly Kichana girls Mary and Nyachomba and co hosted by Patricia Kihoro, Tricia Wanjala of Tricia's Naturals and yours truly.
The purpose of the meetup is to meet and mingle with other naturals and anybody interested in going..The theme was retro glam and the girls came dressed to the some pics courtesy of Kurly Kichana and Izzy Kinyanjui the fab photographer that took the pics.Enjoy

My sis Wambui and our photographer Izzy

The Kurly Kichana girls Nyachomba and Mary

Eye makeup demo by yours truly

Fellow natural and MUA Tricia Wanjala doing her demo

Love Love Ms Josie Karoki's locs!

Look at  all the lovely hair in room!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Crochet Braids- Protective styling

Hey all,
So I finally had crochet braids installed and I must say it is definitely going to be a staple protective style! I love them to death!
I used Nene bulk braid 22'' from Esaki Cosmetic Shop ground floor at Anniversary Towers in town. A packet is 1200/- so got 2 packets in no 4 and just used 1 and a 1/4 pkts.

Mary (my braiding lady) did 10 lines going back and then I installed the braids..I used this tutorial as my guideline
 My result:-

So I have been wanting to post more pics of the hair but my camera has decided to act up and the pics come out looking like I was on Instagram...smh

Anywho I applied my shea butter mix( Whipped shea butter with coconut, olive and castor oil) to my scalp and the hair I apply my Kids Organix shea moisturiser and detangling lotion and at night braid it and don a satin scarf..The hair is great as it doesn't tangle and get matted up but does shed but not to badly. I hope to keep the style in for at least a month so will keep my fingers crossed that it will keep.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Kurly Kichana's 2nd Meet-up

Hey all,
Drum roll please...
It's finally here and I'm so proud to be part of this amazing panel of naturals..Come let's meet and mingle..
Hope to see you all there
Be blessed!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Denman Brushes

Hey y'all,
So I got me a Denman Brush the D1 All Black Extra Soft Pin styling Hair Brush

Description: Medium size brush with 8 rows of extra soft smooth, round-ended nylon pins.
Total 8 inches long with a 4 inch handle, 1.5 inches at its widest.
The famous Denman anti-static  rubber pad provides maximum grip and control during blow drying for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair.

So was wondering what the hype was about this brushes but decided to buy one anyway to help with my de-tangling issues..and WHAT!!! I LOOOOOOOVE helps de-tangle without the snagging and breaking and the results are so amazing..SMH I could have saved so much hair and heartache if I had bought this in the beginning..Anywho I bought mine at Lipstix Sarit Center ground floor for 1250/=
I bought this paticular one because it had only 8 rows which is not as dense as the others so it would not snag or pull out my hair and also the fact that the bristles were soft..Please research you type of hair and the best Denman brush to use on your hair.
Has anyone else tried this brush?

Be blessed y'all

Recent Hairstyles

Hey all,
These are the styles I've been rocking the last few weeks..

Rocking a coil out

Curly Fro 1 week coil out

My Fro Hawk after wash n go

Hiding my ends in a bun

My mini twists

My pompadour and bun look
My crochet braids (will do a post about this look)
Thanks y'all
Be blessed

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keep the faith and Keep learning!

wrapped it up while Dc'ing

Hey y'all,
So I just read a post on one of my fav blog Curly Nikki that truly resonated with me and took me back to a post I did awhile back about hating on your hair. Well I've been guilty of this again and this post spoke to me about how I keep blaming my hair for not cooperating while I was the one that needed to apologise to it for not listening to's the thing

My hair needs moisture and a lot of moisture to be soft, to grow to be healthy. It needs protective styling and low manipulating to retain growth. Have I been doing this consistently? NO!! Here's where I've been going wrong..I seem to be stuck in a rut of a TWA routine..How you ask..well when one is in the TWA sage you can just smooth product and oil on your hair and work it in with just swirling your fingers through your hair. Now my hair is growing out of the TWA stage and I'm still doing the same..I'm still de-tangling the same I'm still manipulating my hair way too its a wonder why my hair is like "I ain't having none of that ish!!!" and is dry especially the ends and is still breaking and shedding even after a big trim..I need to do a check list and even keep a journal on what I'm doing to identify what it wants and doesn't want..especially now that I'm so busy..end of year is crazy workwise.

Things I need to incorporate into my regime

  • more baggying especially for my ends
  • de-tangling  and washing in sections
  • applying product in sections (mucho important)
  • low manipulation styling
With that said I need to constantly remind myself that I'm still learning my hair..hope for those that are having the same issues can also learn to change things up and keep trying to do what is needed for their hair despite what is going on around's a link to the post

Happy hair people
Be blessed

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My brand spanking new shiny Make-up Case

Hey y'all,
So after wanting wishing and saving up to buy one I finally did it and I am so happy!!! Here are the pics..its from Kryolan and its the make-up artist location train case..check it out y'all

my powders

Love the drawers and bottom space for brushes,wipes and tissues

blushes and eye shadows drawer

My attempt at African Threading

Hey all,
So after doing my daughter's hair over the weekend I decided to try out the African Threading method to stretch my hair. But first I needed to wash and DC my hair so started by pre-pooing with a mixture of Lory's Extreme de frizz cream and olive oil

I covered my hair in a plastic cap and kept it on for 2 hours after that I spritzed some water and started to de-tangle with a wide toothed comb. I must say I was impressed with the slip of this conditioner, de-tangling was so much easier and I didn't get as much shed hair and breakage as I normally do. I then shampooed and then I mixed some aloe vera gel, honey into my DC Organics cholesterol Tea Tree oil

I kept this on for one hour then I washed it out, conditioned and then after adding some leave in and sealing with castor oil I parted my hair and started to thread my hair. I tell you it was not an easy task but here is what I came up with

I had an early morning so I kept them on just wrapped a scarf around my hair and rocked my twists..
Had an early morning so just scarved it :)

My hair African threaded

Stretched hair
Miss M hair after we removed the thread..stretched hair with no tangles :)