Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stop Hating, Start Loving

Hey all,
So I get many people asking what I've done to my hair and I say "nothing it's natural". And then I get wow your so lucky "mine is so ngumu like steel wool" and your curls how do you get your curls and I say again its natural and more often then not I get disbelieving looks and more your lucky's and then more self depreciating comments about their own hair.
This made me realise how much we hate on our hair!! When I was relaxed I always wanted my hair to look like someone else's and I was always looking for the hairdresser who could achieve the look I wanted. Needless to say I was never completely happy but since I've been natural, I own my hair and what I do to it to make it healthy and manageable is my responsibility not a hairdresser. 
Do I still have hair envy..yes I do as I grow my hair healthy I've realised that my hair is fine as opposed to the thick hair I see many natural women rocking, so I cant really rock a full afro. But that's okay cause I can still do so much with my hair in it's natural state. I have come to love my hair and appreciate what's growing out my scalp. I feel like I've finally found me and I feel committed to my journey to grow my hair to its healthiest and longest because I am worth it. I love my hair because I can style it in so many ways and find so many things to use in my house to style and treat it with. Most of all I love my hair cause its the hair that My Heavenly Father gifted me so if I am fearfully and wonderfully made then I must love ALL of myself from my crown to my feet.
So to y'all out there with  natural, relaxed or loc'ed hair embrace what's coming out of your scalp be it kinky, coily, curly, fine, thin, course, short or long whatever just LOVE and ACCEPT your HAIR!!

Be Blessed !!!


  1. the video is great you are so right we need to love it, it´s ours.

    1. Thanks dears.. we need to help women love their hair!