Monday, 4 June 2012

How I became a Make-up Artist

I have always had a fascination for make-up and remember playing with my mum's fashion fair make-up and always admiring how she looked with make-up on. As with most girls after leaving school I would apply khol liner pencil (which would always smudge) and the famous Diana lipstick( y'all know what I'm talking about!!).
Anyway when I went to study abroad I was so jazzed by the different brands of make-up out there and although they mostly didn't have my skin colour type make-up it was still fascinating to go to cosmetic counters in the malls. I eventually found make-up that suited my complexion and tried to experiment when i could.
A few years ago I had just had my 1st born Mumbi and was looking for something to do and a good friends of mine asked me to look into quality make-up in Nairobi to a select clientèle. I started to sell Iman and Flori Roberts make-up and my clients would ask me to show them ho to apply the make-up and if i did make-up artistry. around the time a friend who was a Make-up artist Gladys Githegi asked if I was interested in learning how to be a make-up artist needless to say i jumped to the offer and here we are today.
I love what I do, creating flawless looks for women and men from different back-rounds and for different occasions. I have been blessed to have worked with amazing artists both locally and from abroad. i have been blessed to work on amazing projects and with amazing actors, directors, producers and crew.
I love what I do and hope I can share my passion for make-up and cosmetics to you all.

Love Wacuka

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