Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hair update

Hey y'all,
So after the protective styling that I had last week decided to change and so I undid my hair and deep conditioned it then decided to put in some two strand twists and man oh man did it look bad!! My hair is fine and so they looked ridiculous and scarce. Anywho after removing them the next morning I still didn't like the looks so I sprayed my hair with water and the shrinkage caused by the water was great and the results I liked. So  this is how I wore my hair in the lines...
My hair after I undid the lines.
 after my deep conditioning and twists
euwww scalpy...

Hair goal is to thicken my hair hate this!!!
anywho here is what I came up with after the twistout and adding water

 So I think I'll rock this look for this week...

Be blessed y'all

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