Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Moisture vs Protein reviewed

Hey all,

So a pal of mine read my last post on moisture vs protein and wanted me to point out how one can over moisturise their hair or over use protein.
So here's what I found out...
When you over use moisture products such as conditioners and deep conditioners they can over load your hair with moisture. Here are the ways you can cause moisture overload
  • overzealous “baggying” in a shower cap
  • back-to-back conditioner washes that don’t allow the hair to ever dry
  • regular lengthy/ overnight deep conditionings
  • keeping the hair wet in general (water or oil) for extended periods of time without a break
  • the complete elimination of protein products altogether.
On the other spectrum you can can overload on protein by using loads of products with protein like 
  • moisturisers with proteins in them i.e. Collagen, Keratin etc. 
  • Deep conditioning often with a protein treatment
  • Not using moisture based products 
  • Not using a sealing oil to ends of hair
So I hope this further explains how to maintain a proper balance.

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