Thursday, 21 June 2012

Friday Hair Queen

Hey all,
Our Beautiful Friday Hair queen is a lady I met recently at Super Cosmetics and we got talking about natural hair and became fast friends. Her name is Victoria Kagai and here's her hair story to date and you can catch up with her on her blog see how she reaches her goal from her oh so cute Big Chop..

1.       When did you decide to go natural?
I have been thinking about going natural for the last two years, I knew I was going to do it this year (2012) but had not set a specific date.
2.       How did you go natural? Transition or Big Chop?
I tried to transition a couple of times, but it was a challenge to work with the two textures and always ended up re-touching the growth. Eventually I BIG CHOPPED after 4 months of transitioning.

3.       What reaction did you get from family and friends?
The reactions were mixed but mostly positive. My relaxed hair was almost 14” in length, and ‘looked’ quite healthy so it was definitely a shock to most people that I had cut off all that hair, but they also still liked the look.
4.       What’s your maintenance routine?
·         DAILY: I co-wash every morning, followed by water & glycerine (50:50) spritz, a water based leave-in conditioner, curl activator gel for styling & finally seal with a light oil.
·         WEEKLY (Saturdays):  I Pre-poo with coconut oil (overnight) then shampoo with a sulphate free shampoo or soap the next morning. I follow this up with a deep-conditioner which I leave on all day under a shower cap, scarf & head wrap. After rinsing out the deep-conditioner, I apply my water & glycerine spritz, and an oil based moisturizer.
·         MONTHLY: Henna Glossing – Henna glossing is conditioning hair using 50:50 mixture of henna & a light conditioner. I do this once a month (I have actually done it once) after shampooing. I let the Henna soak in hot black-tea (true-teaJ) for about 4 hours then mix with the conditioner. I also add 2 tables’ spoons of olive oil & honey. After applying it evenly all over the hair, I allow it to sit overnight, and then rinse out the next morning. The result is super soft curls with a hint of burgundy. I finish off by deep-conditioning and light oil based moisturizer.
5.       What products do you always use?
·         CONDITIONERS: Suave Naturals Coconut, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, SPRITZ: Water & Glycerine 50:50 mixture
·         LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Oriflame Hair X Daily Care Leave-in Treatment, IC Moisture Leave–in treatment, ‘Oliive’ Olive Oil leave in conditioner
·         GEL: Revlon silk & protein gentle hold styling gel, World of Curls 3 in 1 curl activator & moisturizer
·         OIL: Alison’s Coconut Oil, Bertolli Extra light Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Root Stimulator Nature’s Shine Oil
·         SHAMPOO: ‘Oliive’ Olive Oil Shampoo, Dalan 100% Olive Oil Body & Hair Soap – tried this today & my hair was still silky soft afterwards
·         DEEP CONDITIONERS: Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise; Oriflame’s Hair X Mask
·         HENNA: Black Gold 100% natural henna

6.       What is your hair goal?
·         To have long, healthy natural hair J BIG A** AFRO!

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  1. her hair is lovely both relaxed & natural