Monday, 30 July 2012

Hair Queen- Annabel Onyango

Hey beautiful people,
I know I haven't featured any hair stories for a while but I'm back with a bang! Today's Bella is the absolutely talented and fabulous Annabel Onyango. Love love this girl!! Here is her hair journey and her Goldy locs...

1.       When did you decide to go natural?
Well I’ve had natural hair my whole life: in two messy braids with ribbons on the end when I was a kid, shaved to the scalp when I was a teenager, and in locks for the past 13 years. I do dye it blonde though because I think that’s what God intended for me.

2.       How did you start your dreads?
I was 18 years old and in my freshman year in Canada when I decided to lock my hair; my university was in a small town (no black hair salons) and I was totally  over having to style my short hair by myself every day. So during a summer break in Nairobi I walked into a salon and asked them to hook it up. They had no clue, and I had gooey table honey holding my hair together for a good six months. I don’t think that’s how they start dreads now, ha.

3.       What reaction did you get from family and friends?
My mother has always hated my dreadlocks (obviously) but after over a decade of torture I think she’s over it. My dad doesn’t care either way. Of course dreads have become so mainstream and popular now - everyone has them, styled in all which ways. I like subverting the idea that dreads are only for pot-heads, Jamaicans, or the homeless.

4.       What’s your maintenance routine?
I try to keep things as neat as possible, there’s nothing worse than messy/smelly dreadlocks. I wash and twist my roots about once a month. I use natural beeswax for twisting and everyday moisturizing. I colour my roots about every 2 months.

5.       What products do you always use?
I use Royal Natural Beeswax and Cr√®me of Nature colour. I also condition heavily with Pantene. The less product I use, the better. Ideally I would like to make organic home-made shampoos and conditioners (from eggs, avocados, olive oil, etc…) but I never have that kind of energy.

6.       What is your hair goal?
I can’t say I have a “hair goal” really, I just try to be innovative in spite of having a quite rigid hairstyle. I recently shaved an undercut on the right side, and I like the contrast of having super long and super short. I probably won’t have dreadlocks forever but I certainly will never perm it or weave it, it’s just not me. From here, I’ll probably attempt a giant seventies afro, blonde of course.
You can check out Annabel's fabulous blog here
Thanks and be blessed y'all


  1. Annabel has locks I aspire to. Great post. :)

  2. love the color! what is the name of the color by creame of nature