Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Salon and ME..

Hey beautiful people,
So this weather is not happy hair weather for me.The cold just puts a damper on wash days and makes me go maybe tomorrow I'll do the wash and blah blah that takes hours to do. Anywho it can't be avoided as without the co-washing and deep conditioning my hair would be a mess as I am struggling with breakage and shedding..smh

So this last week on Wednesday night I decided to bite the bullet and do a hot oil scalp massage and pre shampoo treatment, a henna gloss and a moisturising deep conditioning. I stayed with the oil for about 2 hours then I applied the henna gloss and slept with it and when I work up I washed it out and did a deep conditioning. Seeing as my hair had been wet all night and most of the day I did not feel up to air drying my hair and decided to go to the Estate salon for a dry set with rollers.

So when I get there the owner was busy and this upset me as she seems to understand that I like my hair to be handled in a specific way. The other lady there and I had had a few run ins as she doesn't take direction well. So decided that it can't be that bad I mean its only a dry set right? Wrong...already my hair was already drying up so she needed to add some water with a spray bottle she just pumped the spray twice and my hair still wasn't wet so I told her to wet my hair more. From there she proceeded to break out a dirty afro comb...Seriously!!! No!! don't comb my hair it's already detangled I told her and besides that it gross...I showed her how to finger detangle the ends...which I later realised she had not...after showing her to position the rollers she put me in the dryer and as always she put it on the highest heat setting..After adjusting the setting I waited for this self imposed ordeal to end...when I felt my hair was dry I asked her to remove the rollers and without combing or styling I paid and left...
Wah si it is stressful to go to the salon and even if I am feeling lazy I will just have to do my own hair. Because she didn't de tangle the ends well my hair turned into a poofy fuzzy afro...with a bit of styling this is how I rocked it :)

Be blessed y'all!!

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