Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hair Types

Hey Beautiful people,
So since I went natural and heard about hair types I have been trying to figure out what my hair type is so that I can find the right products and also the right you tuber to get advice and tips from. I still haven't found a you tuber with the same kind of hair and until I found a page on Google after much research can I now confidently say what my hair type is. 
Hair typing of Afro/Black was inspired by celebrity hairstylist Andre Walker (Oprah's hair go to guy) and he came with a typing of hair as either wavy,curly and coily. For more on this check out http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types/

But like many naturals out there this chart is a tad inefficient and doesn't take into consideration of how different and unique our hairs are. Anywho this page on black hair media, goes into more detail and shows how our hair differs in these ways:
1) our hair differs in pattern - coils, springs. zig zags, s-curves

2) our hair differs in pattern size - watch spring to chalk size

3) our hair differs in density - sparse, dense

4) our hair differs in strand diameter - fine, medium, coarse

5) our hair differs in feel - cottony, spongy,silky,thready,wiry
Please check out this page on http://forum.blackhairmedia.com/what-is-your-real-hair-type-pic-heavy_topic326175.html it has great pics that will further help understand your type.
So according to this system of typing my hair is 3c,4a,4b coily,springy fine medium density silky, meaning my curl pattern is 3c at the back, 4a in the middle and front and 4b on the sides, the strands are fine and the thickness is medium and texture or feel is silky.
Be blessed y'all

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