Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oprah's natural hair

Hey beautiful people,
So on the latest cover above of O magazine Oprah Winfrey introduces us to her natural hair in a big curly afro. Now being that people always notice what Ms O does, I was quite surprised about the controversy brewing over said cover.
Naturalistas on the net are claiming that this not her natural hair, that her texture is of a mixed race person, that her stylist Andre walker has claimed that he does relax her hair and that this is a ploy to get more viewers and readers for her flagging O network. My take is this is just hating!!
She looks hot and should just be let to do what she wants with her hair cause its on her head.
You look gorgeous Oprah!
What are your thoughts?

On another note have you guys heard of Gaby Douglas? She is an African american 16 yerar old gymnast that has led the USA gymnastic team to Gold at the London Olympics. Anyway this amazing girl has elicited so much buzz even President Obama sent her a message of congratulations. The other buzz has been on twitter where some haters have been criticizing her hair. Come on people.. this girl is the bomb!, at 16 she has an Olympic gold medal for a really competitive and difficult sport. People should be lauding her performance and her work ethic not talking about how bad her hair is..anywho really disgusted by the hating and think she is a beautiful strong and inspiring girl.
Go Gaby!

Here's to more love less hating..
Be blessed y'all

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