Sunday, 28 October 2012

DIY nail art

Hey all,
For those of who know me well y'all know I looooooooove YouTube and watch just about anything :) So when I came across a few videos on nail art I decided why not give it a try especially since my nail lady has been uninspired of late..So armed with cheapie nail polish and energy to try new stuff out here is what I came up with....
My attempt at water marbling technique..epic fail but still kinda cool :)

Zebra love this will definitely do this again with different colours

My attempt at Ombre or Gradient nails..will try again with diffferent colours

I was undecided about what design so just experimented and rocked all the designs

I am loving this DIY state I am in and will keep having fun with it..
Be blessed y'all


  1. Hi! Good to see someone else who shares the same interest with with me i.e. nail art :) Its like having a party on your nails, wouldn't you agree? I did a water marble design yesterday and since that didn't come out so well, i'll definitely do it again some day. Check out my blog and see some of the designs i've been rocking lately

    1. Hi thanks for checking my blog out..yes I love to play with my nails..and after checking out your Blog I plan to start doing it again (I have been lazy :)I will keep trying to water marble and see how it comes out..Keep doing your nails they look fab!