Friday, 5 October 2012

Princess hair

Hey all,
So I started to do my daughter's hair and I'm so loving it and so proud of myself!! I figured that if I was starting a healthy hair journey then I should do the same with he hair which was heat damaged from straightening with a blow dryer since she was 10 mths(smh I know). I started by telling her hairdresser to only dry her hair and not nyorosha it as she's always in lines or braids.She swims a lot too so he hair gets dry and tangled.

Anywho I started a regime for her which goes as follows..I spray Soft n Free olive oil de tangling spray and also add some olive oil. This makes it easier to undo the lines or braids..then I shampoo and de tangle with whatever I use myself (Hollywood Beauty Argan oil Shampoo and Alberto Balsam strawberries and cream)..after which I deep condition with ORS Replenishing Conditioner then wash it out and a leave in ( Africa's Best Kids' Organics Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion) and seal with olive oil. I then add a heat protectant (Tress Transitions blow drying lotion) and start to blowdry her hair..remember to do this in sections or else you'll have a tangled mess I learnt the hard way :)...She loves her hair straight and big and I'm getting her to instead embrace curly hair...its kinda working ..last weekend my sister plaited her kamatana you guys remember those?? matutas joined together?? I removed them a few days later and this was the look she rocked and loved it cause her hair was curly like mummy!!

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  1. hey this is awesome! happy hair journey to you both!