Thursday, 1 November 2012

My attempt at African Threading

Hey all,
So after doing my daughter's hair over the weekend I decided to try out the African Threading method to stretch my hair. But first I needed to wash and DC my hair so started by pre-pooing with a mixture of Lory's Extreme de frizz cream and olive oil

I covered my hair in a plastic cap and kept it on for 2 hours after that I spritzed some water and started to de-tangle with a wide toothed comb. I must say I was impressed with the slip of this conditioner, de-tangling was so much easier and I didn't get as much shed hair and breakage as I normally do. I then shampooed and then I mixed some aloe vera gel, honey into my DC Organics cholesterol Tea Tree oil

I kept this on for one hour then I washed it out, conditioned and then after adding some leave in and sealing with castor oil I parted my hair and started to thread my hair. I tell you it was not an easy task but here is what I came up with

I had an early morning so I kept them on just wrapped a scarf around my hair and rocked my twists..
Had an early morning so just scarved it :)

My hair African threaded

Stretched hair
Miss M hair after we removed the thread..stretched hair with no tangles :)

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