Monday, 22 October 2012

Faith and Patience..

Hey all,
So sorry for the silence work has kept me busy and I've been travelling as well.
So I had to go to Malindi for a shoot and I had to do a protective style as I had to be there for a week and I don't do braids, could not do the crochet braids as there was no time.So in the end I did about 6 lines that started to unravel the day after I had them done..smh..
Anywho I was like no body really knows me at the coast so I can rock the unkempt cornrows for a week. But my inner natural diva was having none of that looking raggedy business and after consulting the new fantastic and resourceful page on Facebook Tricia's naturals I decided to remove the lines and just rock my hair. I was told to smoother on loads of conditioner and hit the beach and swim to my hearts content. I was so worried that the salt water of the ocean and the showers was going to decimate my hair on contact but found out that my hair is resilient and after swimming and co-washing, then doing an ACV rinse I put aloe vera gel sealed with coconut oil and twisted up for 2 days when i untwisted my hair it was soft and very defined. This made me realise that I have not had faith in my hair and my efforts at maintaining a healthy hair regime. I keep obsessing with stands that fall off, tangles and knots and don't see that my hair has grown in leaps and bounds and that I am actually treating my hair very well and in so doing my healthy hair journey is well on its way. Have faith people in yourselves and in your ability to start and maintain a healthy hair regimen. from now on I will have faith in myself and my hair .I just need to cultivate patience in all that I am doing today and know it will yield strong healthy hair in the near future.
Keep the faith y'all and have loads of patience :)
Be blessed

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