Monday, 8 October 2012

Pony tails and Buns...

Hey all,
So I said in my last post that I was experimenting with new ways of protective styling..well this is what I came up with so far..
I bought this ponytail by Free-tress called Tendril curl from Beauty Wholesale Mama Ngina street for 900/= in the colour no. 2
I separated the curls to make them look more full and curls sorta look like this when they are very defined..
I did not straighten my hair with heat I just plaited my hair in 4 matutas then banded them and opened them the next day..I did this to stretch my hair so as to achieve the ponytail.  This is my hair banded..
 My pontail look...

I also got this faux bun idea from You tube and tried it with some left over hot water braid. I twisted the braid and pinned it around my ponytail.. super easy and very quick...

So there you have it  my take on protective my lovelies have fun with your hair (these styles can also be done on relaxed hair) 
Be blessed y'all


  1. i love all of your hair styles!

    1. Thanks dear you guys were my inspiration to bun!!

  2. Really likin your cute...u are so beautiful....Lots of love MizzMadeUp

    1. Thank you so much.Love your blog too..great looks!! Take care.