Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Princess Hair Diaries

The style of the week

My happy princess :)

Hey all,
I had said in a previous post that I had started doing my daughters hair. I decided to give de-tangling her hair another go and after watching some Girls Love Your Curls Videos http://www.youtube.com/my_subscriptions?feature=mhsn&s=huUuG1-mk6ihnnxE7-lOqCxxPX9zhW-n1xv8k3ASxKM  I felt confident that we would have no drama.
De-tangling with conditioner
So here's what I did... I spritzed her hair with a mixture of conditioner and water and then added the Kids Organics shea butter de-tangling and moisturising hair lotion..then I undid the lines and braids..I then parted the hair in four sections. Starting section by section I further parted the hair into smaller sections added Miadi cream conditioner I then de-tangled her hair with a wide toothed comb. It was so easy to de-tangle and she even said "Mum its not ouchie today"..WOOHOO!! music to my ears.
I then applied olive oil to the hair and mixed with the conditioner I covered her hair with a plastic cap for 2 hours. I then plaited it into four loose matutas and shampooed her hair I then conditioned it run the comb and still found it de-tangled . I rinsed the conditioner out and added leave in (my home made mix) sealed with coconut oil and proceeded to do a protective style with the African threading..felt like SUPERMOM!!!
After the de-tangling, shampooing and conditioning

African threading..the first one was not a winner got better though :)

I will try to redo the hair during the week or just wait till the weekend
Will show you picks of how stretched her will be after the threads are out..
Be blessed y'all

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