Friday, 10 August 2012

Hair Queen Shiro

Hey beautiful people,
Our hair queen today is my beautiful cousin Shiro Wanderi who is growing locs and loving it..this is her hair journey so far..
When did you decide to go natural?
- I decided to natural in April of 2011. Before then, I used to rock full and half wigs a lot. I would never walk out the house if my hair wasn’t covered with a wig or weave. I remember I had all kinds of wigs with different names. I would wear “Anisha” one day and “Tamika” another day. It was crazy but I loved it. But one incident changed my perception on wigs forever. So this is what happened. One day I was in a Zumba class and we were dancing to a routine which needed some serious full body movement. I was really enjoying myself when suddenly, my wig fell off. I was so embarrassed and didn’t even know whether to put it back on my head or not. Well, I did because underneath that wig was world war III, trust and believe me! So I after the session, I went home and thought to myself, “Why am I hiding my hair? This is what God gave me and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.” So that was the defining moment of my hair and my life. I went natural and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
2.       How did you go natural? Transition or Big Chop?
- I would say I did the big chop but honestly I had little to no hair so I maybe mine was maybe a “small chop” lol
3.       What reaction did you get from family and friends?
-Well some people liked it but many didn’t. Most people said I looked weird, others said I should go back to wearing wigs, so much was said but I didn’t listen to any of that. My family was and still is very supportive.
4.       What’s your maintenance routine?
-After six months of my transition, I decided to lock my hair. It’s been quite a journey but I’m loving every single minute of it. My “babies” as I like to call them are now 11 months old.They`ll be one year on the 30th of next month.
5.       What products do you always use?
-I use Jamaican mango and lime products and I can attest that they have really played a big role in my lock growth.
6.       What is your hair goal?
- My ultimate hair goal would be having long and healthy locks. I would love to hold my hair in a ponytail knowing that it’s actually my real hair and not an extension or something.

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