Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lace Front Wigs and Cancer!!!

Hey beautiful people,
So today I came across a disturbing post on a blog that said that Lace front wigs were the leading cause of forehead cancer in African american women!! I was like what!! Forehead cancer??? the picture was very disturbing and showed open sores around the forehead area. The writer says that
after years of research scientists in America have found that women who wear tightly laced wigs   are more likely to get this cancer as abnormal cells form under the moist heat that results from wearing wigs
So y'all know that Lace Front's have become the in thing and even celebrities are wearing them. In Kenya they are more readily available in the market at a cheap cost or a very exorbitant one.
So what's your take on this real or hoax?? I'm thinking it's a possibility...a glued on extension on the forehead can't be a good thing if its on all the time..just saying..
Be blessed y'all


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