Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Your Hairline

Hey beautiful people,
So in the last week there have been pics of Naomi Campbell on her vacation sporting a weave and a barely there hairline. The cause of this hair loss is Traction Alopecia..this is when hair breaks and eventually stops growing due to constant pulling when braiding, weaving and even tight ponytails.
Even constant straightening and bleaching of hair can make it vulnerable to breakage and eventually Traction Alopecia. Early detection can cause the condition to be reversed if one seeks medical intervention but if not it can lead to permanent hair loss.

So I'm not hating on Naomi or anyone else who decides to wear weaves I just want to pass on some info and let y'all know that this can happen to all of us when we are not careful with the way we handle our hair..be it in locs, braids or even ponytails.
This is a wake up call that we should not wear any styles that are tight and that pull at our hairline..
Be blessed y'all

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