Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keep the faith and Keep learning!

wrapped it up while Dc'ing

Hey y'all,
So I just read a post on one of my fav blog Curly Nikki that truly resonated with me and took me back to a post I did awhile back about hating on your hair. Well I've been guilty of this again and this post spoke to me about how I keep blaming my hair for not cooperating while I was the one that needed to apologise to it for not listening to it..here's the thing

My hair needs moisture and a lot of moisture to be soft, to grow to be healthy. It needs protective styling and low manipulating to retain growth. Have I been doing this consistently? NO!! Here's where I've been going wrong..I seem to be stuck in a rut of a TWA routine..How you ask..well when one is in the TWA sage you can just smooth product and oil on your hair and work it in with just swirling your fingers through your hair. Now my hair is growing out of the TWA stage and I'm still doing the same..I'm still de-tangling the same I'm still manipulating my hair way too much..so its a wonder why my hair is like "I ain't having none of that ish!!!" and is dry especially the ends and is still breaking and shedding even after a big trim..I need to do a check list and even keep a journal on what I'm doing to identify what it wants and doesn't want..especially now that I'm so busy..end of year is crazy workwise.

Things I need to incorporate into my regime

  • more baggying especially for my ends
  • de-tangling  and washing in sections
  • applying product in sections (mucho important)
  • low manipulation styling
With that said I need to constantly remind myself that I'm still learning my hair..hope for those that are having the same issues can also learn to change things up and keep trying to do what is needed for their hair despite what is going on around them..here's a link to the post

Happy hair people
Be blessed

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  1. Truth... am still working the twa so dont stress it... Its never seen a comb in the last 3weeks and being in finger coils... I think its loving it.