Sunday, 27 January 2013

Its Straight y'all :)

My TWA in January 2012 

Hi y'all,
Its my one year nappyvesary and wanted to see how long my hair had grown. I have gone from dry unhealthy short hair to healthier longer hair a year late(pics below).. I was so scared of getting heat damage from the flat ironing so I decided not to do it myself and even ore to look for a professional whom was experienced with natural hair . I went to several salons and after talking with the stylists I was not convinced..I then decided too ask my girl Tricia of Tricia's naturals and she recommended to me Andrea Porteiger a US trained hairdresser..She has had extensive experience with all hair types and more especially good hair techniques..anyway we chatted and I booked my appointment. The night before I co-washed, and Dc'd with the ORS Replenishing conditioner, EVOO, honey and Aloe Vera gel. I went with the DC still in my hair and Drea rinsed off but the gel had left some white residue so we had to shampoo the hair to get it out :(..She then applied a leave in that I think I'll purchase and when I do will do a review and after sprayed a heat protectant. She then blow dried my hair with a roller brush to give my hair some body as I didn't want a flat on the scalp look.. she then applied a bit more heat protecant and flat ironed my hair..The results were fab..I loved loved my hair..although I think I will rarely straighten it..I will see how long this lasts as my hair is fine and tends to frizz up. I applied a teeny weeny amount of Grape seed oil to the hair and pin curled it at night to keep the hair straight and covered with a satin scarf.

Wind touseled hair ;)

I love the layers

Later that night after a night out hair a bit poofy :)
 Will do post on how long and how I maintained the look.
Thanks and be be blessed y'all.


  1. love the results. i hope you don' t mind me asking, but how can i get a hold of Andrea?? i recently trimmed half of my length and its quite uneven so i was hoping to get a professional cut, but im too scared to get it at just any local salon. your reply will be much appreciated

    best regards

    1. Thanks so much. Please email her on

  2. I really appreciate it, thank you so much.

    God bless you