Thursday, 7 February 2013

Protective style Challenge begins

Hey all
So I put in Marley twists by Free Tress as my 1st protective style. I bought them from Blush at Apic Centre in Westlands for 1100/- a pack..I used 2 1/2 pkts..I didn't want a lot of braids on my hair..I like the braid texture it is kinky but not coarse like the local ones and so I feel they will not be rough on my hair..
To prepare my hair I applied a Bentonite clay mask on my hair for 20 mins which I rinsed off. I got the clay from Healthy U at 250/- and I mixed it with Apple Cider Vinegar to make a paste. I then Dc'ed with natural yogurt,egg,olive oil and honey. I left this on for about 2 hours then I washed it out and applied Tresemme Naturals conditioner and went under the dryer for 15 hair was so soft and felt amazeballs :)
I then applied my leave in (Giovanni Direct leave in) JBCO and my Shea mix and flat twisted my hair and went to bed. The next day I pulled my hair into a high bun and used a pony extension to stretch the hair in preparation for braiding.
While in the braids:-
I plan to massage JBCO at least 3 times a week into my scalp
I will spritz hair with water, flaxseed gel and tea tree oil combo
I will seal moisture with Baobab oil
I will clean scalp with Sea Breeze astringent when necessary

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