Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crochet braids aftermath

Hey all,
I removed the crochet braids last week an my hair was so dry.Yes I was not as dedicated to the moisturising as I should have been..anywho I decided to restore moisture in my  hair and so
Pre pooed with Lory's and EVCO, EVOO, Castor oil and Avocado oil..I slept with this
The next morning I finger detangled to remove the shed hair then shampooed with a Sulphate free shaampoo,
I then used my Alberto balsam strawberries and cream conditioner to further detangle with my Denman brush..I then used my ORS Replenishing conditioner mixed with EVOO and honey to DC I kept this for 2 hours.
I then rinsed off and dried with an old shirt then I added the Giovanni direct leave in which made my hair get all white and foamy..I then applied  a small amount of JBCO to hair  and in sections the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I shook my hair to get the curls to form and hold each other and then left hair to air dry. I felt the hair was frizzy but soft and the curls were well defined however the hair had no shine . I'm not sure if this is cause of the leave in or I applied too much product..Any tips on how to better use the two products? I kept the wash n go for 2 days as it became frizzier when  I sprayed with water in the morning.

before shampooing..dry dry hair :(

Pre poo with Lory's conditioner mixed with Castor oil, EVCO, EVOO and Avocado oil
Freshly washed hair
Scary shed hair :(
Wash n go with flower accessory hair band (Mr Price)

I felt that my hair was frizzy but the curl definition was not bad

Thanks for stopping by :)
Be blessed y'll

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  1. This is so cute, I'm in love with your hair. hope mine gets to that length soon.