Friday, 7 September 2012

Love and Hate relationship with my hair

Hey beautiful people,
So I haven't posted any hair updates in the last month or more and it's cause well my hair has grown and this growth has come with issues. These issues being single strand knots, breakage and dry dull hair...gone are the days of easy de-tangling and wash n go's now it seems like I'm forever de-tangling and the products that worked so well are just not making my hair happy..I'm so not loving my hair at the moment!
This got me thinking as to why I got into this journey in the first place and I must admit it was to get the long flowing hair in the wind and big ass curly fro that I see on my natural hair the beginning but now I've noticed I'm surprised that my hair has grown so fast and that I want to have healthy hair more than I want the long hair..I hate the breakage and single strand knots so much..I love mixing deep conditioning treatments from stuff in my kitchen oh yes I'm a mixtress.. and I hate using heat on my hair. I think I thought the short hair faze would last longer and I would get to enjoy it longer but now I'm getting into a new faze of longer hair and I need to get into this new faze and research more on products and techniques to make my hair happy.. here is an article that I found on my fav blog on the advantages of shorter hair
Anywho word of advice is to enjoy your hair in whatever stage its at just know its a learning curve and you need to keep educating yourself...will post hair update pics soon!!
Be blessed y'all

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