Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Curl Definition

Hey beautiful people,
So people are always asking how my hair curls like it does and if I add anything to it to make it curly. I usually answer that that is the way my hair is naturally and they get disappointed because they think theirs cannot achieve the same look. I disagree and think that all black hair can achieve a curl definition of sorts depending on what technique you use to do it. Once you begin learning more about natural black hair, you'll soon discover that it comes in way more than one texture. Black hair can run the from straight to slightly wavy to super tight coils, but many people of African descent find that their natural hair falls somewhere in between. You don't have to be biracial or multiracial to have hair that's described as "naturally curly." Curls may range in size from pen springy to fat marker, but the care and maintaining of them is similar.

So in my case I have springy coily hair and some parts more looser curls so when my hair is wet it curls pretty easy, however for more defined curls I usually apply a styling product this can range from conditioner, leave in or even gel or curl pudding then I really really shake my hair (my kids think I'm crazy when I do this:))and leave it to dry completely..if I touch it it gets frizzy.
my hair freshly washed still wet

That is how I do my wash n go's but I also do twists and then when dry untwist for a more wavy fro look. check out this video on wash n go's

This technique or close to this technique can result in different curl definition depending on your hair type. You can also achieve curls or waves from twist outs or braid outs either done on wet hair or dry hair. check this video on how to do a twist out
Find the products that work to bring out the curls in your hair..Super cosmetics and other beauty stores now carry good curl definers, gels and moisturisers so happy hunting for your styler.
Be blessed y'all

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